The taste for black & white photos comes from an almost prehistoric era, when I spent hours in the darkroom, making prints of my photos, as well as enlargements (not always satisfying).



Digital photography has somewhat upset this approach. I started in 2003, first with a small device, then back to the reflex (DSLR).



Later, the post-processing work on image files opened up new horizons. There's a sort of come back into the darkroom, the computer with the appropriate software plays a bit the role of the old enlarger, but there are no more chemicals.



It is often said that digital photos are manipulated or at least can be. It is true that sometimes one sees at the first glance that there was an intervention. But years ago, with the enlarger, one could also choose another framing (crop), force or hold the light in different places (dodge and burn) , soften or on the contrary increase the contrast, etc. It was also a form of manipulation. Digital photography offers a lot more possibilities. Why not take advantage of it ? Is the result really that bad ?



I work with a fairly good software (but neither Photoshop nor Lightroom). For the black & white photos, I mainly use the filters of the Nik Collection (especially Silver Efex Pro), which were taken up some time ago by Google, and quite recently by DxO.




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